Music. Television. Movies. The internet. All are forms of media. All contain messages. Some are positive. Some are not. How do we sort it all out?

Chuck Towns is an accomplished speaker on the subject of music and media.

For over 20 years, Chuck has spoken at youth groups, parent groups, weekend youth conferences, school assembly programs, chapels, and church services.

In his presentation titled “Music, Media and the Mind,” Chuck takes an honest look at today’s entertainment. He’ll cover how we are influenced by the media, and how to set Biblical standards for what we watch and listen to. Chuck has poured years of research into this 60 minute presentation.

Chuck's contagious enthusiasm and years of experience have made him an entertaining, yet challenging speaker. Chuck uses a well balanced, non-threatening, interactive approach which includes object lessons and analogies that people of all ages will learn from. There is also a bonus session available for parents on how to deal with their kids regarding their music and media choices.

Chuck provides a hand out with numerous alternatives to secular entertainment. It also lists sources for reviews on music and movies from a Christian perspective.

Chuck provides his own sound system, screen and projector for each presentation.
Call (800) 725-4025 to schedule Chuck for your group.

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Feedback from some of the 400+ students attending the “Music, Media and the Mind” presentation on January 9th, 2010 in Green Bay:

- Just what I needed, scripture based facts and practical ideas, great presentation.
- He put things into perspective.
- It really made me think about how I am going to change what I listen to.
- Great lively, passionate speaker.
- Articulate, full of truth.
- Chuck makes this seminar fun and I really wanted to pay attention. Absolutely loved it.
- It made you think without going too far and getting overly uncomfortable.
- I like how you incorporated a lot of scripture
- It’s a needed message!
- Applies real life situations and the bible, very informative,
- It kept my attention because it involved me as a teenager
- It really made sense to me.
- He really explained it well. It was very fun.
- Chuck’s three points were excellent and his analogies helped a lot. His handout sheet was a good idea.
- Very appropriate to the modern teenager.
- Very good, I learned a lot today.
- Sometimes I feel alone in my beliefs and it’s always refreshing to see someone who agrees with me.
- Very interesting and really makes you think.
- I needed this seminar.
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