Imagine your next school dance packed with students. A song with a great beat plays through a quality JBL/QSC sound system. Colored LED flood lights paint the floor, walls and ceiling. Special effect lights pulse and move to the beat of the music. A 9’ projection screen shows the artist that’s playing, live in concert. It’s probably the best sound, light and video show your students have ever seen. But what’s missing from this picture? Read on.
The artists are not swearing or singing about sex, violence, alcohol, or things that contradict what you teach your students all year long. Also, no one is “dirty dancing” because it’s not being encouraged by the music or the videos, and is not tolerated by the DJ.

For 25+ years, Rock the Flock has been providing “Good Clean Fun with Good Clean Music” at school dances and fundraisers. We average nearly 50 events per year. This is not a hobby, it is our full time profession. Chuck DJs every event personally. Read more about the owner and entertainer by clicking here

Students expect the latest in special effect lighting as well as a good sound system. We combine that with a variety of other creative activities to produce a fun night that requires minimal supervision.

We use a variety of crowd breakers, line dances, group games and contests that appeal to students of all ages. We also give away prizes. We play positive mainstream hits at public school dances and add in contemporary Christian hits at private school dances.

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Video Screen
In addition to the great music and light show, you can add a 9’ video screen to the dance. This allows us to play the artist’s music video or live concert footage along with the song. We can also use the screen to play an interactive arcade game called “Dance, Dance, Revolution.”

If a full blown dance is too much for you, we can bring the screen and a smaller sound system to play music videos, “Dance, Dance Revolution”, concert videos or inspirational movies for your group. Call now for ideas.
Schools start at HALF PRICE!*
Call us at 1-800-725-4025 to find out more. We provide customized, full color posters to promote the dance. The owner, Chuck Towns, DJs every event personally. He’s also the one you'll talk to on the phone.
*Excludes Saturdays May-August
Call us Toll Free: 1-800-725-4025 Office hours: Monday-Wednesday 9:00AM-9:00PM. Thursday-Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM. Sunday Noon-5:00PM.